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9004 Led Bulbs for Front Lights from Different Brands: Prons and Disadvantages

Led light for cars at first, were made use of as complementary lights in little lights components. Currently their progression has accomplished extraordinary results. And the use of LED bulbs in autos is evidence of this. The principle of procedure is simple: the radiation is performed by an unique crystal drunk of a certain present toughness. The light can be of any type of size. It can be easily scaled. An advantage in high earnings and substantial source. The downside is that for effective designs, you need an unique stabilizer and also for weak choices, a limiting resistor. This action tightens the range of such models and also makes complex setup.

It must state immediately that in addition to halogen and also LED versions, there are xenon analogs. They are a lot more pricey and also not yet so usual, so we did not add them to our conditional score. Please note that the typical costs for one bulb of a particular design offered, but in many cases, you can acquire only a collection of 2 to 4 pieces.

9004 led bulb kit

1, Carid G7 LH-9004

The Carid G7 design is a reliable and small 9004 led headlight bulb kit
, which can conveniently set up in the front lights. As a result of the positive setup of the diodes, stable operation without flickering lighting attained. At the same time, the light bulb of the new generation does not have eco unsafe parts, as well as the products are resistant to high temperatures. Besides, the danger of architectural overheating likewise decreased by passive air conditioning. At the same time, mistake tolerance substantially improved by the fact that the bulb does not have a follower. This version positioned as the ideal option not only for passenger cars however also for freight automobiles - the result voltage is from 12 to 24 watts. The glow temperature level is 6000K.

- Glow temperature;

- cooling system;

- environmental security;

- Great body.

- Not the best source.

2, Putco 9004 Led Light Bulbs.

Putco extremely bright 9004 LED light bulbs work based upon SAMSUNG CERAMIC BASE LEDs, which have actually already managed to validate their importance as a result of the circulation of light through 360 degrees. At the same time, the chance of the event of dead zones eliminated. Acquiring such a light bulb, the customer gets the chance to offer themselves with optimum visibility and the appropriate representation of light from asphalt and various other things. Also, the advantages of the version include a high degree of road safety and security, straightforward setup, as well as a source of as much as 30 thousand hrs. The light bulb runs at an ambient temperature of -40 to +60 degrees. This result attains high brightness up to 2600 lm. The instance constructed from plastic as well as light weight aluminum.

- LEDs from SAMSUNG;.

- maximum visibility;.

- safety degree;.

- Resource up to 30,000 hrs.

- Not located.

3, Koito Whitebeam 9004.

The primary cost of the unfavorable from Kioto bulbs falls on the share of packaging - due to the fact that the residential customer is not extremely aware of the writing of Oriental nations, spitting towards "Chinese waste" is really usual. Kioto Whitebeam is practically superior Japanese-made halogen bulbs, for one reason or another ignoring the Russian market regarding the translation of the details on the label. So, for instance, the 125/ 135W showed in large numbers is not the ranked power, however the comparable, which suggests that this bulb shines like a 135 W halogen light.

If we throw out all the problems with the translation, you can discover that the Koito Whitebeam 9004 is among minority products that offer a confirmed luminous change in both reduced and high beam fronts lights. There are no voids below: the flow circulation influences both the roadway and part of the aesthetic, as sound judgment calls for. "Variety" is high, but the stream does not blind approaching drivers. The price, as befits a great product, is high, however longevity is additionally affixed to it - the bulbs will certainly last for greater than one period.


- the longevity of job;.

- light whose temperature is 3700 K;.

- Proficient circulation of a light stream.

Negative aspects.

- exceptionally hostile product packaging for the residential customer.

4, Bosch Xenon Silver 9004.

Xenon Silver 9004 is Bosch's effective attempt to produce a halogen with a xenon effect, in which the equilibrium and precision of the features are more than the durability indications. The low cost of these light bulbs hides regarding 400 ticket hours prior to melting contacts, which gets rid of the distinction with the far more steadfast version from Kioto.

We identified the drawbacks, yet what regarding the ands also? In this classification, you can go into a really high-grade work on the option as well as balancing of light temperature level - it is not only comfy for the eyes yet also differs from set to establish just by some devices (according to the requirement, providing 4300 K). Also, one can note the outstanding research of the style, due to which there are no apparent gaps in the highlighting of the road and also outer sections, in addition to high "range," tied to the intensity of the directed light change. Well, in the light of the unfriendly packaging of a competitive bulb, we note boxing oriented to the Russian market with the schedule of info in Russian. A trifle, yet nice.


- an exceptional research study of the layout, which offers an ideal circulation of the reduced and also high light beam in the fronts lights;.

- verified glow temperatures from set to set - amazing accuracy;.

- Low price per set in the market.


- a tiny working resource level low cost.

5, PHILIPS X-treme Vision + 130%.

The leading ten 9004 bulbs are opened by Philips's New X-treme Vision. Judging by the declaration of the programmer, the design produces 130% even more light contrasted to various other bulbs. Amongst analogs with high light output, this model is one of the most long lasting.

- Bright light;.

- seeing angle;.

- quartz glass;.

- Filament.

- Difficult adjustment.